Srilekha – A Fighter Alum of Mahindra Pride School

With Pride! : Srilekha displays her appointment letter

Srilekha,  all of 21, has the unique distinction of being Mahindra Pride Schools’ first alum who has secured the highest starting salary yet –  Rs. 25,000 per month – as Trainee Programmer Analyst at  Cognizant Technologies Limited, no less.

The first- born of Rajsekar and Soleshwari,  Srilekha’s life took a turn for the worse as she turned 8; Rajsekar messed up his small  potato-chips business and took to drinking, leaving his wife and two daughters to fend for  themselves.  They had to sell their house to repay his debts and Srilekha’s mother  re-started the manufacture and sale of potato-chips. Her clients were country liquor bars.

Meanwhile, Srilekha was packed off to her grandparents’ – she passed her HSC with excellent marks in Maths and Physics – her teachers advised her to get a degree in Engineering.  She got admitted to the SRK College of Engineering (one among hundreds of such colleges of indifferent quality), got herself a student loan from Indian Overseas Bank and graduated in May 2011 with a B.E in Computer Science with 70.55%.

SRK had no placement process to speak of – she mailed her CV to a lot of IT firms and job sites, got calls from 6 organizations, but lost out at the final hurdle of the Personal Interview.  She was gauche, awkward in the social graces and had next-to-nothing English language skills. All of this was compounded by the fact that she was an introvert, fearful of social contact and extremely low in confidence.

Through a rather fortuitous set of circumstances, she enrolled in Mahindra Pride School’s 3rd batch as an ITES student.  MPS worked its usual magic on Srilekha. The trainers instilled in her, she says, “a positive and can-do attitude”.  MPS’ Aptitude Training module enhanced her analytical and logical skills, resulting in her clearing the first round of Cognizant’s selection process. The Group Discussion and Personal Interview modules helped sharpen her thinking-on-her-feet skills- not only did she get through the G.D. round, but the final round of the Personal Interview also saw her perform impeccably – answering questions with a clear voice, pleasant tone and a quietly confident demeanour.

Her emotions were understandably high on getting the appointment letter. She said, “Mahindra Pride School is an ever rejuvenating heavenly garden which has nourished my life to bloom prosperously.  It has drastically changed my life. Now I have become the most responsible person in my family who wants to ensure a happy future for my mother and my younger sister, whom I will educate.  Now I have even started dreaming about a house of my own. Thank you, my dear teachers, thank you, MPS.”

Thank you Srilekha! We wish you all the best in your journey!


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