Community takes initiative to start two new schools in Bhogam (Dantewada)!

School opened in Kalarpara hamlet. (Bhogam village, District: Dantewada, Chhattisgarh)

We are delighted to share with you that two new schools have started in Bhogam panchayat of Dantewada block by the efforts of villagers. Bhogam village located in Dantewada (Chhattisgarh) comprises of 9 hamlets and is spread over a radius of 4-5 kilometers. However there is only one primary school for the children of these 9 hamlets. This means that they have to cover a distance of at least 2-3 kilometers every day to attend school. This situation makes it difficult for younger kids and the children from the hamlets of Vettipara and Kalarpara as they have to cover more distance. ‘The Right to Education Act 2009’ recommends that primary schools must be in the radius of 1 kilometer from the habitat of children.

Our Datewada education team had observed that the school building constructed in Vettipara and Kalarpara 3-4 years ago never got started. Schools in these 2 hamlets would benefit around 50 children. The team raised and discussed this issue in the village meetings. The villagers from both the hamlets decided that the School Management Committee (SMC) members will meet the District Collector and CEO – Zilla Panchayat; requesting them to open these schools. On 11th June 2012, representatives of the School Management Committee visited Dantewada and gave the application. District Collector took immediate action and issued order to start the school. Now two new schools are functional at Vettipara and Kalarpara in Bhogam! Children come there regularly to learn.

We thank the villagers and the government officials immensely for their support and action.

Village Meeting at Kalarpara, Bhogam (Dantewada, Chhattisgarh)

Villagers in school.












– This post was shared by Dantewada education team member Pradeep Soni.



Mumbai Public School: A Training for Teacher Assistants

Our fantastic team of Teacher Assistants!

A comprehensive training was conducted for all the TAs (Teacher Assistants), including the Head TAs as well as the new TAs who were recently appointed. It was a three day program that covered various topics right from introduction to Naandi to role clarity to leadership. The first two days witnessed two simultaneous trainings – for Head TAs and for New TAs, and on the third day there was a common training for all together. The trainings were conducted majorly by the MPS Facilitators and the Cluster Manager.

The trainings for HTAs mainly focused on role clarity, importance of your post, expectation setting and leadership skills. Towards the end of the second day we also touched upon community mapping and three-month planning in which the HTAs together with the Facilitators mutually prepared a school plan for the first three months to ensure smooth functioning and minimum errors.

Facilitators Lata and Narmin leading a session.


Since the new TAs were freshly appointed and not much aware about their role and the functioning of MPS program,      they were oriented in detail about Naandi, its different projects, hierarchy in BMC and Naandi and their position in the system, stake holders, role clarity, school processes through simulation, and core skills for classroom management.





The team patiently listens to the talk on ‘Community Mobilisation’.

On the last day for the common training, a resource person was called who took a three-hour session on community that explained how community mobilization is an important aspect to encourage parent involvement and create awareness. The TAs – both old and new, were once again briefly explained about their roles and responsibilities.

The trainings were pepped up by ice-breakers and energizers played in between sessions to keep the energy and the enthusiasm alive, which the TAs rather seemed to have enjoyed, it also helped greatly in bonding and team building.



We concluded the training program by felicitating all the TAs with mementos, to acknowledge their hardwork and boost their motivation, and mainly to express to them that they are important to us and we care.

Overall it seemed to be a great success as we could see the difference in the TAs confidence and positivity in their approach, towards the end of the last day.

The Mumbai Public School team comes together for a photograph after a successful training programme.

              —- This post was shared by MPS facilitator Trishna Balchandani.