The Incredible Feat of Jadhav Brothers!

Pradip’s association with Mahindra Pride School (MPS) began in August, 2009 when he first visited MPS along with his younger brother Vijay. Pradip hails from a small village named Kolwad situated in Buldhana district of Maharashtra. He is a son of a farmer and a family that comprises of 7 members. Due to limited opportunities in Kolwad, Pradip travelled from his village to Buldhana for higher studies after completing S.S.C.

Pradip’s family relies heavily on the monsoons for farming as the piece of land his father owns is not irrigated nor do they have a bore well.  Borrowing money to buy seeds was a usual practice. The income earned from the harvest was partly used to repay the loans and partly to take care of the family needs. And this annual income of around Rs. 40-50 thousand could not suffice the family needs.

Realizing that he will have to take up work to support his family financially, Pradip finished his B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) and came to Pune to appear for the Staff Recruitment Exams. His younger brother Vijay was already in Pune working with Bharat Forge as a Quality Checker but unfortunately as a result of the economic slowdown of 2008, he lost his job.

Mahindra Pride School guarantees its students an assured job placement after the training programme.  This promise made Vijay enroll for the training and he insisted Pradip to do the same. With no work and little financial assistance from the family it was near impossible for the Jadhav brothers to stay in Pune for 3 months.

Pradip agreed to join MPS on Vijay’s persistence but ran away from the school on the very first day. His behavior puzzled the MPS Staff. When probed further it was understood that both of them did not have sufficient money to stay in Pune. This is when Mahindra Pride School decided to arrange for their stay till they complete their training and get placed.

Pradip enrolled for the Hospitality course. He says, “MPS helped me increase my confidence level, enhanced my communication skills and opened new avenues to join the Hospitality Industry. For the first time in my life I believed in myself”.

Pradip working at McDonalds, Pune

Pradip faced the first interview with McDonalds and was selected as a Crew Member in November 2009 with a salary of Rs. 4500/- per month. The job was stressful. At times he felt like quitting and going back to his village. But his family and friends helped him stay grounded. He did and then there was no looking back.

Pradip’s hard work and determination paid off. In May 2012 he was promoted as a Floor Manager with McDonalds at Inorbit Mall in Pune with a salary of Rs. 9000/- per month.  Fourteen Crew Members appeared for the selection exam of Floor Manager. Pradip was one of the 4 crew members who got selected.

Vijay completed his training in November 2009 and was recruited by Syntel as an Associate in Syntel KPO with a salary of Rs. 10500/- In December 2010, he completed a year and applied for an inter-movement from KPO to the IT vertical due to his passion for the IT field. Now he works with Syntel IT as a Software Tester with a salary of Rs. 15000/- He wishes to pursue MCA and work as a Software Programmer.

Today both Pradip and Vijay are very happy that they are independent, can send money back home and now the family has no debts to repay.  Their proud parents say, “We only have blessings to offer MPS for this noble work”.

Pradip and Vijay together


Srilekha – A Fighter Alum of Mahindra Pride School

With Pride! : Srilekha displays her appointment letter

Srilekha,  all of 21, has the unique distinction of being Mahindra Pride Schools’ first alum who has secured the highest starting salary yet –  Rs. 25,000 per month – as Trainee Programmer Analyst at  Cognizant Technologies Limited, no less.

The first- born of Rajsekar and Soleshwari,  Srilekha’s life took a turn for the worse as she turned 8; Rajsekar messed up his small  potato-chips business and took to drinking, leaving his wife and two daughters to fend for  themselves.  They had to sell their house to repay his debts and Srilekha’s mother  re-started the manufacture and sale of potato-chips. Her clients were country liquor bars.

Meanwhile, Srilekha was packed off to her grandparents’ – she passed her HSC with excellent marks in Maths and Physics – her teachers advised her to get a degree in Engineering.  She got admitted to the SRK College of Engineering (one among hundreds of such colleges of indifferent quality), got herself a student loan from Indian Overseas Bank and graduated in May 2011 with a B.E in Computer Science with 70.55%.

SRK had no placement process to speak of – she mailed her CV to a lot of IT firms and job sites, got calls from 6 organizations, but lost out at the final hurdle of the Personal Interview.  She was gauche, awkward in the social graces and had next-to-nothing English language skills. All of this was compounded by the fact that she was an introvert, fearful of social contact and extremely low in confidence.

Through a rather fortuitous set of circumstances, she enrolled in Mahindra Pride School’s 3rd batch as an ITES student.  MPS worked its usual magic on Srilekha. The trainers instilled in her, she says, “a positive and can-do attitude”.  MPS’ Aptitude Training module enhanced her analytical and logical skills, resulting in her clearing the first round of Cognizant’s selection process. The Group Discussion and Personal Interview modules helped sharpen her thinking-on-her-feet skills- not only did she get through the G.D. round, but the final round of the Personal Interview also saw her perform impeccably – answering questions with a clear voice, pleasant tone and a quietly confident demeanour.

Her emotions were understandably high on getting the appointment letter. She said, “Mahindra Pride School is an ever rejuvenating heavenly garden which has nourished my life to bloom prosperously.  It has drastically changed my life. Now I have become the most responsible person in my family who wants to ensure a happy future for my mother and my younger sister, whom I will educate.  Now I have even started dreaming about a house of my own. Thank you, my dear teachers, thank you, MPS.”

Thank you Srilekha! We wish you all the best in your journey!