Our Community Organizer shares her Story!

E. Manjula | Our Community Organizer from Naandi Community Water Services Team

My name is Manjula and I am from Prakasam District, Chirala Mandal, Epurupalem Village.

I have 2 sons. My husband died in 2006. I have just joined with NCWS as CO. In my village through NCWS, safe drinking water has been provided to the people. Before joining as CO, I worked with District Rural Development Agency as Community Resource Person for 6 years. As a part of my job, I have been involved in various surveys (Agriculture, Drinking water and sanitation, Housing ) and interacting with SHG’s , conducting meetings with SHG’s, interacting with farmers, discussing with women regarding gender issues, etc.

I have come across many hurdles such as financial crisis etc in my real life. But I have never taken a back step and I have faced all those problems. I was able to solve all those problems by joining into DWACRA group as a member. I took loans as DWACRA member, saved money, repaid the loan, used the money for children education and basic household requirement. Now I am a happy mother. My both of the children are now into engineering education. Both of them were getting good grades in their schooling.

Now I am not taking loan from any one and I am able to educate my children. One thing to notice is that I also help other society members In resolving the issues, helped those who are in financial crisis to solve their problem and all those are now earning in lakhs.

My life ambition is to live happily and let others live happily. Thanks for giving me this opportunity.

E Manjula

Community Organizer

Epurupalem, Prakasam district